smoothie sailing + food friday

around our home, smoothies are a shoe-in  additions to breakfast, lunch  and {on really hot summer evenings} even dinner.  so….  i thought i would share a few of our fave smoothie bar combinations to help get your creative juices blending:

{pina colada – banana . frozen pineapple chunks . coconut cream . milk . pineapple juice}

{just peachy – frozen peach slices . banana . vanilla greek yogurt . pineapple juice}

{mi a-mango – mangoes . honey or vanilla greek yogurt . lime juice}

{berry berry – blueberries . strawberries . banana . lemon juice . vanilla greek yogurt}

yum, right?  we’ve also found that adding some protein mix &/or flaxseed gives our smoothies a little more oomph.

Monday:  chicken satay with peanut-chutney sauce {martha – a friis fam fave.}

Tuesday:  white bean + chicken chili {}

Wednesday: flank steak with parsley-garlic sauce {martha}

Thursday: tropical ham sandwich {} + creamy corn soup {martha}

Friday: something simple….  pizza, hot dogs, quesadillas…

Saturday: bacon + ranch cajun baby cheeseburgers { – + i just can’t help but link to here collection of stuffed cookies.  they look ridiculously delish}

Sunday:  basil spaghetti with cheesy broiled tomatoes {}


H  A  P  P  Y

friday . shopping .cooking . father’s day weekend

{don’t forget to download our “super shopper” stickers!}

xo . rae

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  • rachel June 24, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Yummy smoothies!! Thanks, girl!!