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anytime i can reuse or repurpose something from my “give-away” pile i get excited.  the last sweater i snipped apart and turned into a pillow turned out to be a hot mess.  however, the leg warmers my mom and i sewed from old sweaters and scarves last week turned out adorable.  the best part is that in the cold & damp seattle weather tilly is getting lots of use out of them!

the supply list is pretty simple…  if you are interested in making your own {and i recommend it}, you will need:  good scissors, ruler, elastic, old sweaters and scarves, a baby leg or leg warmer from you child’s closet, & a sewing machine.

 1. MEASURE & CUT: first you will want to decide what part of the garment you would like to use that includes a finished edge {i.e. cuff or bottom of sweater} to keep as the bottom of the leg warmer.  for this tutorial, we used the sleeve of a sweater.  then we laid one of tilly’s baby legs over the sweater and cut to the appropriate length.  if you don’t have an existing leg warmer to reference you can cut to desired size.  ours measured 7.5 inches wide and 11.5 inches long.

2.  MARK WIDTH:  next, we turned the sleeve inside out and marked the width where we wanted to sew.

3. SEW, using a zig-zag stitch along the line you marked.

4.  TRIM, the excess fabric.

5. CUT ELASTIC: measure your elastic so it’s the same length as the circumference of the top of your leg warmer.  it’s also a good idea to measure the width of your little one’s calf if it’s handy.

6. SEW: overlap the edges of your elastic just a bit and sew using a sig-zag stitch.

7, 8. TURN & SEW:  turn your leg warmer right side out and place the sewn elastic inside the top, fold the raw edge over the top of the elastic and sew all the way around the inside of the warmer using a zig-zag stitch.

9.  EMBELLISH: now, you can either leave things sweet and simple or do some embellishing.  for the white leg warmers we cut strips from the same scarf, sewed along the raw edges {to keep from unraveling}, placed one end on the inside of the warmer and the other end on the outside then sewed all three layers in place with buttons.  the blue pair incorporated a pocket from the sweater and jersey knit {stretchy t-shirtish fabric} ties.  to add ties to your legging, cut a strip to the desired length, stitch down the center of the strip to the leg warmer and then tie in a knot.

for the last pair we cut a strip of felt about 6 inches long, ruffled it and sewed to the top of the leg warmer along the hem.  the ruffle also looks darling along the bottom of the leg warmer.  to ruffle sew a running stitch along the center of the fabric, pull the thread so the material ruffles and tie a knot so it stays.

cheers to cozy legs!  be sure to let me know if you have any questions or appreciate the toot.

if you prefer pillows to leg warmers, check out emily’s helpful tutorial.

xo . rae

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