jersey shag {a rug tutorial}

picking rugs for a room or area in our home kind of stresses me out.  for one thing they are spendy.  for another, i have a hard time deciding if what i like in the store or online will work in the space.  so, i usually leave empty handed.  then, i saw this tutorial by xoelle {isn’t she cute!?} and had to give it a try with a couple changes.  the best part is that it cost around $25 and is a great excuse to watch hours of friends reruns or movies that have been in your queue.

you’ll need:  rug canvas {you can find at a craft store or amazon…  i used a large piece and then cut it to 20×20 inches}, jersey knit {i used almost 3 yards}, scissors and ruler OR a rotary cutter, cutting mat & ruler.

1.) to start, fold your fabric over twice widthwise.

2.) cut 1 inch strips along the width of the fabric.

you’ll get a fun pile of fabric like this!

3.) unfold your long strips, make stacks of 4 or 5 and cut into 5 inch strips {jersey fabric is usually 45 inches wide so you’ll get 9 short strips from each long strip}.

4.) now it’s time to start tying knots!  pull the fabric through the canvas.

5.) then pull the other side of the same strip through the neighboring row on the canvas.

6. lastly, tie a knot.  feel free to invite the kids to help with this part.  or bribe a friend with coffee and good conversation.  

i started by tying knots every other row and every other column but it was getting pretty congested so i ended up tying knots randomly and it turned out floppy and full. 

just the thing for sleepy feet to land on in the morning.

happy knotting!

xo . rae

NOTE:  if you cut your canvas you’ll want to use masking tape {or the like} to tape the end so the canvas strings don’t break!

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