DIWY (doing it with youngsters)

I’ve had an itch lately to wander outside of our outing and activity comfort zone and be a bit more creative.  So last week instead of heading to the library, we took a detour to the used book store.

The store is on a sweet “old-town” type street that lacks a good coffee shop, but all the brick and neighboring antique stores make up for it.

Before browsing for new reads, we turned in our own set of used books which gave us a credit to use towards 50% of books we wanted to purchase.  Pretty sweet.

With the exception of the weird smell, I absolutely love used books.  Something about their folded pages and worn edges makes me feel all snuggly inside.  Is that weird?

All the kids found books THEY liked.  Despite my best efforts to steer them towards ones I wanted them to have.

Griffy is the only one that works on.

Espen & Tilly both picked totally random chapter books about robots and mice.  But they were thrilled with their purchase and I was thrilled to leave the store with happy kids and 5 books for $8.

Now that my middles we involved with their chapter books they discovered the woes of marking their spot.  Totally against turning down the corners of their “new” books, they asked for bookmarks.  The next day we grabbed some paper clips & short pieces of ribbons & tied them together.

It was a super simple way to keep their little hands busy, get them to work together and solve their bookmarking problem-os.

Ok, so I have to know.  What do you do when your usuals are feeling a little boring?

Have you heard of or do you use:








red tricycle or




macaroni kid?

If this stuff intrigues you at all, let me know…..  thinking about starting a DIWY (do it with youngsters) feature.

Lots of love and happy early weekend!  xo . rae


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  • Emily @ Peck Life May 17, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    I have not heard of either of these sites, thank you for mentioning them! My son is only 2 1/2 but is wanting to be involved in EVERYTHING so i’m always looking for good ideas of things we can do together. 🙂