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throwback candy wrapper bracelet (DIWY)

hope everyone had a wonderful mama’s day with lots of spoilage going on! our oldest (ozzie) had a baseball tournament (of all things, i know….  but it was really fun) so we split our time between family and the fields. … Continue reading

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throwback halloween.

i geek out anytime my kids use, have, make, or enjoy something reminiscent of my childhood…. (does that sound as old person as i think it does?).  so this year for my tribe’s trick or treat bags, i thought it would … Continue reading

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kickin it old school (truth or dare)

i’ve been so (pee my pants) excited to do this post. not because i enjoy emberassing myself, but because i can hardly wait to hear your answers. as you can see, i loved hammer pants, uneven bobs (+ stiff bangs), … Continue reading

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