5 THINGS (from my makeup bag)

so, i really like to snoop.  not in an, i’m invading your privacy to get some dirt sort of way, but in an, i’m curious about what your favorite things are sort of way.

one of the best places to snoop is in makeup bags.  i’ve been digging through my mom’s makeup since i was a little girl…  still do it almost every time i’m home.  maybe because i’m not a beauty product connoisseur, or maybe because i don’t remember the last time i browsed the makeup counters at the mall trying out the latest crazes.  regardless, finding out what others are loving seems like a smart alternative…  more like market research instead of snoopiness, right!?

so in the spirit of market research and girlie fun, i wanted to share 5 things that i’ve been using a lot (if not daily) in my morning (er, noonish) beauty routine.  i’m hoping you’ll leave a note and let me know whats in your makeup bag too!
5-things-makeup-armommy-1//1. eyebrow kit that comes stocked with stencils for easy plucking, highlighter, brush and color  //2. eyelash curler… up until a few weeks ago i may have been the only one not using one, lol //3. salt water mist for messy/beachy hair…  i don’t usually spend much money on hair products, but i’ve heard through the grapevine that there is an easy homemade version to refill the bottle with  //4.  mac lip creme/gloss in double dare and love nectar //5. teasing brush, perfect for adding volume…  especially when i’m due for a haircut //

i’d love to hear what you’ve been using a lot lately or if you have any questions.

happy friday and (early)  E A S T E R !

<3 . rae

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  • Savanna March 29, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    I just started using Garnier BB cream instead of my mineral powder and I love it, great for light coverage. Another favorite of mine is neutrogena dry touch 70 SPF sunscreen for my face. I am excited to try the eyebrow kit you mentioned because I need all the help in the world when it comes to defining my eyebrow.

  • Alana March 29, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    Like Savanna, I also just started using a BB cream. I bought Revlon’s PhotoReady. It’s amazing, and I’ll probably never stop using a multi-use cream like this. I’m now even more eager to try CC cream. Great for any season and even light enough for summer. I would also have to say my eyelash curler is a must as well!

  • Aimee @ Small Anchors March 31, 2013 at 12:16 am

    salt water mist? this sounds interesting. i love LOOKING at the beach… not sure i love the stickiness of beach hair though; however, tempted to try anyway! 🙂

    i am an avid eyelash curler with a swipe of voluminous mascara and a little bronzer high on the cheeks. and i love the lip tints made by Say Yes to Carrots; they are stunning!

  • america ririe April 1, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    hey rae, so glad you did this, i love snooping through make up bags! mostly because if i buy i hate, i usually come home, try it on, and hate it… but, if i ask someone what they are wearing or using because i like the way it looks, i usually love it on myself. moms and sisters are fun to try their stuff first.
    i am loving right now bobbi browns “creamer concealer” can’t live without it… also, mac’s (creme sheen gloss in double happiness.