keepin’ it fresh (foodie)

the fam bam has been on a health kick for a while now and short of investing in a good juicer, i’d say we’re all in!  when yoder and i had our final discussion about our families heath (ear infections, asthma, eczema, etc.) and what we were going to do about it (eat better) our greatest concern was what that would mean for our grocery budget.  i mean, splurging on a hot new pair of jeans is fun.  going over budget at the store, not so much.

here’s a short video of one of the things we’ve done to keep things affordable and fun.

to market, to market we go!  take a look….

so, what do you think?  i know (fo’ sho) your favorite part was me eating the orange, right!?  LOL!?

actually, the most amazing parts, that were not caught on camera, was that our total at checkout was just over $20 and it lasted us all week which is amazeballs considering my kids mow through an entire cantaloupe in one sitting.

so let’s chat a little about the staff.  till’s was obsessed (and still is) with the pink streaks in the girl’s hair.  she was also super sweet and let tilly pick out a honey stick.

i was intrigued when the guy i chatted with said that the main reason (he thinks) people don’t like certain veggies (such as asparagus and artichokes) is because they don’t have a good recipe.

we’ve all been there.  excited to introduce our family to an interesting new dish and then it turns out to be (as espen would say) an ephic fail.  so for those that haven’t had any success with asparagus, i thought we would share a simple recipe.


A S P A R A G U S   with  P A R M   &  dippie sauce

6 ounces asparagus spears
olive oil, for drizzling
parmasan cheese, grated, to serve
1/4 cup mayo, miracle whip, or veganaise
1/4 tablespoon lemon juice

1.  cut off the woody ends of the asparagus and discard.

2. put the asparagus in a large skillet and add enough water to cover them.  cover with a lid and cook for a couple minutes or until they are bright green and tender crisp (like broccoli).

3.  meanwhile, in a small dish, stir the mayo and lemon juice together.

4.  drain water, place on a serving tray.  drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with cheese and serve with mayo dip.

// note: the cheese or dippie is optional //

as always, we love and appreciate hearing your thoughts in the comments below…

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  • Laura Medbury March 11, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Hi! Great video! 🙂 Comment on the pink hair…if Tills is still super excited about the pink hair and you don’t want to actually bleach/dye her hair I know beauty supply places like Sallys Beauty have clip in ones that come in different colors. Snap in and out and no damage to her hair! ….Fun for moms to wear too! 🙂 I know all the little girls love them! Happy Hair clipping! 🙂

    • rae March 11, 2013 at 8:17 am

      laura, thanks so much for the tip!!!! i’ll have to surprise tilly with some! xo

  • hausfrauChelsea March 11, 2013 at 10:35 am

    Cute video! Your produce is expensive! I’m basing this on the prices I could see for apples and raspberries, of course. I love local little markets. I’m in Kansas and we have a little grocery store in town that not a chain, so their food ad isn’t aligned with the others in town, PLUS they price match and they have the best produce selection and quality around. It’s amazing when you find little germs such as these. The store itself looks a little ghetto, but quality and prices make up for it in drones.