food friday – week 2

happy friday!  it’s so exciting to me to post our first food friday on our newly designed site!

if you are new to the ARMOMMY club {or haven’t read the about us page} part of our mission & vision for the company “lies in our own desires, experiences, struggles and victories as moms.”  while meal planning {as well as cooking} has been a struggle of mine {rae}, it’s one of my mom’s {jane’s} triumphs.  since the word on the street was that i’m not alone in my dinner time woes, my mom and i got together and started posting weekly meal plans last fall.  the response was pure appreciation, so we’ve done our best to continue and plan to do the same on our new digs.  you can find our old menu plans by searching  if you have any recipe suggestions, we would love to hear!

email or

now for the debut of:

T H I S   W E E K ‘ S   M E N U   P L A N

M . granny’s sausage soup & garlic bread

Tu . pizza & caesar salad

W . chili cornbread pie & apple slices

Th . garlic pork & baked potatoes & green beans

F . crock pot beef & cabbage & bakery bread

Sa . italian sausage pasta

Su . shepherd’s pie

{ you can download the recipes here }


we would also like you to know that we’ve been so blessed by comments, emails, and orders made by our mommy friends {some old, some new!} this past week.

thank you!

xo . rae

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