apple pie oats + the monthly spread

so, guess what?!  we’ve got some exciting news and a yummy breakfast recipe to share today.  first for the good news….


our meal plan (the monthly spread) launches today and i couldn’t be more excited!!!  you see, it’s been a long time coming….  like probably since my childhood.  allow me to explain in timeline form…

’79 to 2000 – growing up, my mom was legit (… too legit to quit) when it came to getting a healthy dinner on the table.

’00 – i became a mom, but was working and going to school so ate everything and anything you could warm in a microwave or spread on bread, with a side of applesauce.  oh, and cheerios.  lots of cheerios.

’05 to ’08 – got married, had more kids, wanted to be more purposeful in the kitchen.  wanting to do a good job.  yelled (not really) at my mom for making it look so easy!  called her weekly (if not daily) with food or cooking related questions.  often from the grocery store.  felt very blessed to have her help and lucky that she was willing and diligent and VERY patient.

’08 to’11 – discovered that the more i cooked and planned, the more i enjoyed feeding the fam bam (so good, it rhymes a little).  constantly heard stories from mommy-friends about dinnertime woes.  felt inspired and wanted to help others so we started a series called “food friday”(example) on the ARMOMMY blog where we shared links to recipes.

’12 – felt like we could help even more and started a trial version of the monthly spread, a meal plan for busy peeps.  we received tons of great feedback and also saw room for improvement so we put things on hold and went looking for resources.

’13 – we were introduced to heather (an amazing nutritionalist and recipe developer from the PNW) and started working with her on the relaunch of the spread.  spent lots of time brainstorming, adding new features and making the meal plans even more efficient and delicious.

that brings us to today where lots of happy dancing is happening!


we’d love for you to head to the monthly spread page and sign up to join us for sanity saving mealtime….  and (OMG, almost forgot to mention) the opportunity to give back, because $1 (20%) from each subscription will go to fight hunger!!!

now, remember the yummy brekkie recipe (apple pie oats) i mentioned at the beginning of this post?  it’s straight from may’s meal plan and you can download it by clicking the image below.

apple-pie-oats-recipe{click the image to view or download}

if you have any questions, comments, or hesitations, we’d love to hear so please leave us a note below or head over to the monthly spread page.

xo . rae

PS – if you previously signed up for the spread and are waiting for your downloads, they will be arriving shortly to your email from me (rae at armommy dot com).

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  • Sarah @ Blog Guidebook April 24, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    I’m happy to share this on my blog! Could we possibly do a giveaway again? I know I need to do this. I’m wheat free and sugar free so hoping I can make it work. 🙂 Low carb too. (What’s left you ask?) Ha!