fall insta dump. (uncensored)

the other night as i was tucking ozzie into bed and we were catching up on each other’s day, i remembered an insta gram picture i needed to show him.  so, i sat down next to him on the bed and started flipping through the app to find what i was looking for.

a few second in as i had clicked on someones wall of pictures he stopped me and said,

“oh my gosh, mom.  their life looks like a movie.”

(hmmmm….  interesting)

so we discussed more and talked about how there is a lot more to a movie than the finished product.  TONS of things going on behind the scenes.  good, bad, funny, & disappointing.

i felt good about our conversation before i turning off his light, but couldn’t stop thinking about his comment.

so today, instead of just showing you my highlights i’m going to give some behind the scenes details.  never perfect, but true.  HERE GOES!

// my 4 little shoppers and a picture to celebrate making it out of target alive.  not just because it was saturday and the store was busy but because on two different occassions i almost grabbed my tribe and left the full shopping cart behind because they were whining, fighting, and arguing with me.  it was one of THOSE shopping trips.

// i had to bribe tilly with a sixlet to wear that $6 scarf from H&M for a half of a day.  she may never wear it again.  should have bought a pumpkin spice latte instead.

// totally staged this pic of spen and tilly’s shoes.  love their shoes.  and the doormat.

// see the bowl griffey is drinking out of?  that was the first and last time he ate out of it.  a few seconds after i snapped the shot, he flung it to the ground and it exploded.  all over.

// the pile of laundry is real.  very real.

even though i included an evil laugh (mwahhhhahha) on my insta post, i have actually learned to love laundry days.  the secret?  i think about how thankful i am for the people that wear the clothing and for the ability to take care of them in such a sweet, intimate way.

still searching for a perspective that makes me love putting it away, though.  any tips?

// last but not least, oz as my sous chef.  he earned that position after teasing (sort of his new “thing”) me over crying while cutting the onion.  he thought i was being a wimp so i let him use the food processor and see what he thought.  the onion dominated.

so there you have it!  life around our home, quirky and uncensored a bit.

would love to hear your thoughts or details about your week(end)!

xo . rae

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  • Rachael October 22, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    I love the honest instadump including dry shampoo, the details of the broken bowl, staging pic, etc 🙂 Very refreshing and still very pretty to look at!

  • Meghan October 22, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    ok, the bowl being thrown across the kitchen had me laughing. i love the real stuff rae.
    and i love even more so, how you made such a great example to ozzie about the movies. so true. so very true. xoxo

  • Krista October 23, 2012 at 5:41 am

    My pile of laundry did not get folded this weekend and it at least triple the size of yours! I will be so glad to get that done tomorrow!