3 week (iphone dump)

the last few weeks of transition from summer to school has been crazy, but wonderful.  i’m sure you can relate.

here’s what we’ve been up to, according to my phone camera.  which (btw) might as well be called my camera-pandora phone, in order of what i use it for the most.

L O T S   o f   F I R S T S . . . (all in one week)

1. griffey got his hairs cut and instantly became a little boy.  i miss them.
2. oz started middle school & loves it.  however, i was not prepared for the changes it would bring.  not bad or good, just different.
3. espy started kindergarten.  can you tell how thrilled he is about it!?  might have something to do with the 6 friends that are also in his class.  lucky boy!
4. oz needed help with math homework while griffey decided to meltdown… i took the crying baby while yoder took homework duty.  anything to avoid math. (thanks grif.)
NOT PICTURED: me crying over it all happing “at once”.  unusual for me.  i’m typically more excited about milestones than sad.  griffey may change that.

L O T S   o f   A R M O M M Y . . .

5. we got the crew together to shoot more episodes for Everyday DIY on mom.me (did you watch our back to school ones? teacher gifts & bts with love).
6. my favorite shoot to date because my homegirls drelli and stacy were there in addition to our usual tribe; my mom (of course), brother in law, & paul.  mac daddy of a team…  they amaze me.
7. last week my interview with design mom posted.  super thankful for the opportunity and humbled by the response it got.  if you are curious to see how the friis family dwells, head here.
8. received a brand spankin new pack in play by 4moms called the breeze.  in love.  you can read the review here.

L O T S   o f   N O S T A L G I A . . .

9. hit the road with our brood to visit our alma mater.  it’s also where our family began. makes me happy just thinking about it.
10.  these two need no introduction…  by the power of grayskull, they helped keep the kids entertained on our 6 hour drive.
11.  caught a college football game.  his fave.  mine too.
12. lodged with our friends and their sweet kids.  had a lovely visit and spent lots of time thinking about what it would be like to move back to our old college town…  it’s small, but sorta perfect.
13. couldn’t leave without getting THA BEST drinks ever (thank you daily grind!).

L O T S   o f   C E L E B R A T I N G . . . 

14.  gamma jane celebrated an exciting birthday with us…
15. …at the same time we welcomed (velkommen) family visiting from norway.  sad to see them go home today, but enjoyed every minute we spent with them.
16. threw a baby shower for a well-deserving mama who is getting ready for a third little girl.  there is something about a family with all boys or girls that i find so endearing.

L O T S   o f   L I F E  . . . 

this is the good stuff.  daily life happenings that don’t really need a caption.  makes my heart melt.

hope the last few weeks have been good to you, too!  if you do an insta dump or recap, please share a link in the comments…  we would love to see what you’ve been up to.

xo . rae
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  • annapolis September 17, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    I always love you instadumps. 🙂 Here’s our weekend recap: http://annapolisandcompany.com/2012/09/our-weekend-12/

  • TJ September 20, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    Oh gosh, why am I just now finding your blog!? All of these pictures are just a dream, and it seems like you have such an incredible life full of beautiful things!!
    xo TJ