toy drama.

to keep or not to keep, that is the  q u e s t i o n .

i’m guessing that the collection of plastic toys pictured above might look familiar to you?  if so, do these plastic toys manage to always be dumped out and scattered around without anyone actually playing with them?  on the other hand, do you find yourself having a hard time donating them to good will due to their {call me a dork} eclectic charm?  i do.  so instead i decided to give them a playtime purpose.

here are 5 things to do with small plastic toys:

1.  burry them in the sandbox, give the kids small gardening tools + paint brushes and let them them excavate the little plastic critters.  don’t have a sandbox?  make your own sensory table out of a storage bin and sand, rice, dried beans or macaroni noodles. fun.

2. hide them throughout the house and send the kids on a scavenger hunt.  waiting until it’s dark and giving the kids flashlights makes it extra exciting.

3.  line them up along the banister above the stairs and have the kids knock them over with a nerf dart gun.  not a nerf family?  try giving them rubber bands instead.

4.  lay a blanket or sheet out in the back yard + dump the toys ontop.  next grab the corners or sides like you would one of those playtime parachutes.  then let the poor guys fly around like popcorn while you shake the blanket.  i would be sure to pick out any sharp toys first!

5. send them down a zip-line!  tie a string from a tall object {such as the cabinent above the fridge} to another close to the ground {like a chair leg}.  then place a toy or two in some sort of a small basket {we made one from paper} and send them down the zip line!

now those are games worth picking up after!

number 1 and 3 are my kid’s favorites.

would love to hear any ideas you have…  please share!


later this week {prob fri or sat} i’ll post a re-design of this shirt:

so, if you have a little girl in your life, grab a plain t-shirt to style for her!

talk soon.

xo . rae

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  • MJ August 24, 2011 at 2:20 am

    Place them in a tupperware bowl full of water and then freeze ice. Let the kids “excavate” the toys using tools and a small watering can to melt the ice. Perfect for summer!

  • Taylor G September 8, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Those are great suggestions, thank you! My twins are still young (16 mo) but they’ll be ready for these soon!

  • Sarah Bradford Burton September 26, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    Save them till Christmas is near…cover them in glitter and use as ornaments on a kiddie tree. You can also use these to embellish gifts! Just glue them to cute cardstock and tie on with twine (to the package!). The kiddos will have an awesome time dabbing glue and glitter on the little suckers. Hee hee.