top it off before food friday.

SORRY NOTE:::….  our shopping cart is on the fritz and we’ve been working overtime to get it fixed.  so sorry if you’ve tried to order and wanted to punch our web site!  it should be fixed by this evening.  we’ll also be extending the “TREAT” coupon code until monday next week.

also, with all the technical difficulty comes a little delay so our friday menu plan will be posted tomorrow.  i’m also really excited to introduce you to khristine in our post tomorrow and her company that we recently discovered called wildtree.  my family LOVED the cookies we made from their mix!  {MORE TOMORROW}

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

hope all this mustache madness is still fun even if you have no plans of throwing a mustache bash in the near future.  we think the theme is pretty fun even for a casual get together and have a few games {one that’s perfect for adults} explained below.  who doesn’t love to parade around mustached!?  however, if you are a little stashed out, hang tight!  just one more tutorial to complete our party pack next week and then we’re on to the “summer soiree”!

to make the cute toppers shown above you can purchase the file from our shop, download the link and then….

print on 8.5 x 11 card stock.  arrange wooden skewers on cake.  cut out flags and banner.  cut twine according to the placement of the skewers {leaving extra sting for tying}.  fold flags in half and arrange on twine.  glue in place {you should still be able to move the flags along the string if needed}.  hole punch banner in top corners & string with the twine.  tie the decorated twine to your wooden skewers.  place your darling cake on display at the party!

as with just about any of our digital files, we are happy to change the colors, font & wording of the design.  just send a note to or purchase the item & forward your receipt email to us explaining the changes you would like.  color & font options can be found here.

also, don’t forget to download our free mustache template, print on brown card stock, cut out & adhere to just about anything {cups, toothpicks, straws, mirrors, goodie bags, your child’s sack lunch….}.  so fun.  {ps – we love to get our straws from DandyYou on etsy}

and speaking of fun….  howbout some games?

NAME THAT ‘STACHE:  print, cut out, number & display pictures of famous mustaches at your party or get together.  think albert einstein, charlie chaplin, tom selleck, hulk hogan & burt reynolds.  leave cards out for people to write out their guesses.  pick out a fun prize {or two or three in case of a tie} for the winner!

DRESS UP RELAY:  dig into dad’s closet {or goodwill} and pull out some guy clothing and accessories.  divide your party-goers into teams and have them pick “the man” of the group.  place all the clothes in a pile a fair distance away from the participants.  give each group a list of attire their “man” must wear or let them create their own ensembles by grabbing one item from the pile at a time.  set a timer and watch the fun begin!  the most put together man wins.  {option:  if you are going more of the carnival route, have guests accessorize a muscle man.  make a barbell out of black balloons & dowels, stuff the man with t.p. to create muscles, etc.}

PIN THE MUSTACHE ON YOUR PARENT or BIRTHDAY BOY/GIRL:  this probably needs little explanation… place the pinee in a chair, blindfold the pinner with a tie, spin them around and give them a mustache {with tape} to stick on the pinee….  be sure to have a camera ready to capture the fun!

last, but not least,

MUSTACHE DRAW:  easy, but fun.  have people pair up in teams of two & give them a makeup pencil.  the team with the best drawn on mustache wins!

see you tomorrow!

xo . rae + jane

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  • jac reifsnyder April 15, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    so fun! love it all

  • Alli - Life on LeRoy April 21, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    Hi there- I’m new to your site and am in LOVE already! I just love your style, ideas, printables, EVERYTHING! Keep it up!