newspaper serving cones

these charming and resourceful paper cones are often used to serve individual portions at open markets in european countries.  we think they would be equally as charming used to serve party-goers at any celebration and we’ll show you how to put one together below…  the best part is that there’s no glue or tape required!

first, we started with a folded piece of newspaper {approx. 12×8″}.  if you’re not comfortable serving food out of newspaper, cut a similar size piece of wax or parchment paper and layer it over the top.

next, fold the left end over 2.5″ and press so you leave a crease when opened back up.

then fold the bottom right corner to the top of the sheet so the bottom folds at the crease {see dashed line}.

fold over again so the edge of the cone lines up with the crease line {dashed line}.

fold the cone over the remaining flap two more times.  you’ll have a small paper flap left over.

fold the bottom point to the top of the flap – where it meets the cone.  lastly, tuck the remaining tab into the little pocket formed by the previous fold.  this will keep the cone from unfolding.

now, time to fill them with snacks:

trail mix, popcorn, peanuts, chips, fish crackers, french fries…

try making them out of book pages, patterned paper or butcher paper.  tons of options!

we also think they are the perfect addition to a lil’ man or mustache themed party.

if you end up using these at your next celebration, we would love to hear about it or see pictures!  feel free to leave a note or post to our facebook page.

xo . rae & jane

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