throwback halloween.

i geek out anytime my kids use, have, make, or enjoy something reminiscent of my childhood…. (does that sound as old person as i think it does?).  so this year for my tribe’s trick or treat bags, i thought it would be fun to embellish pillowcases.

(have you downloaded this owl print, yet?)

To DIY you’ll want (please bear with me, i have no idea what i was thinking when putting together this “supply” pic.  there are a few things missing): a roll of butcher paper, fabric paint, pillowcase(s), a sponge, scissors, iron + board, pencil, ruler, these templates, large piece of cardboard or poster board, and a hair dryer if you are impatient (like me).

1. download and print the templates.  if you are using the “trick or treat” template, cut a 13″ circle from a large piece of butcher paper.  if you are using the “happy halloween” template, cut a 13×17″ inch rectangle out of a large piece of butcher paper.  for both, leave the outside shape in tact!

2. next, use your paper scraps to trace the pattern onto the non-wax side of the butcher paper (you will need to iron the wax side onto the pillowcase).

3.  cut out the pattern and arrange, WAX SIDE DOWN, inside the circle or rectangle, on the pillowcase.

4. iron everything into place using a med-high setting.

5. put a piece of cardboard or poster board inside the pillowcase to keep the paint from soaking through.  then using the sponge, cover the pattern with paint.

6.  allow to dry (this is where the hair drying might come in handy) and then peel off the butcher paper.

i also tried making ozzie a striped one using painters tape and paint (no wording), but it ended up looking super sloppy and i ran out of paint so will have to try again later.

overall, i’m happy with how they turned out and look forward to sneaking peanutbutter cups out of them and then blaming it on their dad….  sorry, honey!

w h a t   i s   y o u r   f a v o r i t e   k i n d   o f   h a l l o w e e n   c a n d y ? ?

xo . rae

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  • aimee steckowski October 16, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    & this is what my kids will carry their treats around in this year.. i have some spare bags hanging in the cupboard waiting to be used!! thanks, as always for the inspiration!!

  • Denise October 16, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Love! I’m going to save this idea for when my daughter outgrows the “pumpkin” handle bucket (also a throwback to my younger years!)

  • Tia October 16, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    Definitely Kit Kats. I don’t ever buy them, but I absolutely love them. Adorable craft as always. Will definitely be using this one.

  • Pamela Robinson October 17, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    Sooo cute! What a good idea. I have a silk screening kit that I have been wanting to try so maybe I’ll start with this!
    Oh and ummmm…peanut chews or snickers or butterfingers…hmmm seeing a pattern here. Perhaps anything chocolate and peanutbuttery or anything chocolate or just anything, except green lollipops.