let’s go bowling (superbowl cheat sheet)

this sunday, football fans & non-football fans alike will be coming together to watch two teams battle it out for the championship title…  all while eating game day food, watching million dollar commercials and waiting in suspense to see if destiny’s child reunites at halftime.

for those that know more about the halftime performers than the game i’ve made (with the help of my hubs and google) a superbowl cheat sheet.  click the image below to download and look it over a few times before sunday.  be sure to share with your friends too and then have fun showing up the boys!



just be careful not to show-off your mad skills too much or you’ll be bombarded with fantasy football invites.

cheer loud and have a ball!

xo . rae

ps – what team are you cheering for?  for no particular reason, i’m leaning towards the ravens.

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