i feel ya 2013

we’re back!  and it’s 2013!  can you believe it?

since we were taking a little break over the last several weeks i wanted to be sure and wish you a merry (very) belated christmas & happy new year….  hope it’s off to a good start and that you enjoyed the holiday break!


we filled up on family time while the kids were home from school as well as way too much boob tube and sugar.  want to watch a show (or 5), sure!  make cookies (and eat half the batter), sounds like fun!

well, you can only live like that for so long before the children start to melt and that is exactly what our weekend was like.  lots of melting.  myself included.  anyone experience something similar!?

needless to say, we were ready (and a little sad, but mostly ready) to send the boys back to school today so we could restore some structure and get started on a shiny new year with new plans and ideas and….

really, i’m crazy excited about 2013.  like cra.  and i don’t even use that slang word.

looking forward to sharing lots of little adventures with you over the next year!



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