father’s day valet tray (DIY)

if you’ve hung out with us on the blog for awhile, you might have noticed my slight obsession with using trays to keep things (looking) put together.  so when i was wandering the isles of our local craft store searching for a father’s day gift idea, and saw a stack of unfinished wood trays i got excited.


immediately i thought of all the handsome man accessories scattered around our room and how nice it would be if they had a gathering place.  so i took one home and decided to give it a little paint job with a stenciled message.

it isn’t as fancy as one you would find at the store, but it will work perfectly and look great on my baby-daddy’s night stand.  and (bonus) i think he will really love it.

if you are on the hunt for a father’s day gift idea, here is how we did it…  it would be cute for a grandpa, too!

father's day valet tray 2

supplies: a small tray, letter stickers (we used 3/4″ stickers from the office supply store), ruler, pencil, paint and brush

father's day valet tray 3

step 1: wipe your tray with a damp cloth.  pick a fun phrase or word (i asked the kids for ideas) and decide where you want it on the tray.  if you want it centered, measure and mark the middle so you keep things spaced evenly and have a starting place.

father's day valet tray 4

step 2: starting from the middle of your word (for me the middle was between the “E” and  “A”) stick the letters to the tray.

father's day valet tray 5

step 3: paint your tray until you like how it looks and let dry completely. (i only did one coat so you can still see the woodgrain.)

father's day valet tray 6step 4 (optional): find accessories to fill the tray.  the kids and i ran to target and bought a wallet and cool sunnies to wrap up with the gift.  some other ideas might be a watch, tie–pin, little frame, cufflinks, a small bowl to hold change, pocket knife, fancy pen,….

any other ideas? what would your tray say?  or maybe you have another father’s day gift ideas?

it’s less than three weeks away…  love celebrating the daddies out there!

xo . rae

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