best brekkie ever (RECIPE)

about a year ago we hosted an ice cream party for our summer threads videos at molly moon’s ice cream shop in seattle (wow, that’s a lot of links!).  while there we test tasted all of their delicious flavors and were also blissfully introduced to their weekend breakfast special.  ice cream topped steel cut oats.  genius.


we’ve been eating steel cut oatmeal instead of the quaker kind for a while now (thanks to my mom…  recipe below), but it’s always a sore subject.  one of our little peeps is less than thrilled when we get up early enough to get it on the stove before school.

u n l e s s  it’s topped with ice cream.  and then it’s…


G O I N G . . . .


G O I N G . . . .


G O N Z O !

just a little does the job, but we tend to be a bit more generous on the weekends or a holiday….  it will definitely be on the menu valentine’s day morning!

STEEL CUT OATS – serves 4


  • 1 cup steel cut oats, dry
  • 3 cups water, boiling
  • 1 tablespoon butter, optional
  • 2 to 4 tablespoons ground flax seed, optional
  • favorite ice cream(s), to top, optional


  1. combine water and butter in a sauce pan and bring to a boil.
  2. stir in oats, cover and reduce heat to low.  cook until water is absorbed (about 20 minutes) stirring every 5 minutes.
  3. slowly stir in the ground flax and let sit, covered for 5 minutes. top with ice cream and serve!

* side note: for healthier mornings, sans ice cream, my husband likes to stir in some natural peanut butter and it is deee-lish.

what is your favorite brekkie dish to make or oatmeal topping?  what flavor of ice cream would you top your oats with?

(a scoop of salted caramel for me, please!)

we are always looking for new ideas, so sound off in the comments below!

xo . rae

ps – a few notes about molly moon’s…  she has an amazing cook book, that i just ordered so haven’t actually seen, but it look amazing.  and if you live in the seattle area and have a girl scout selling cookies head to their site and check out the cookie promotion they have going on!

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