pocket friendly date.

it is really important to me to be a wife 1st and a mom 2nd.  after all, my babes are in my care for 18 years & my hubs for a lifetime.  a pretty significant difference.

with a 4th bun in the oven it has occurred to me that i might need to step up my wifey game.  so i made a list of ways to do just that. first on the list was to plan some pocket friendly, creative & amusing dates.  all things my hubs would appreciate.

so, i set my budget at $25, booked some free sitters {auntie kiki & uncle jakie – it’s your turn to go out!} and loosely planned the details.

here is what we did:

hit the batting cages –

. $ 7 .

the best part of our date.  lots of laughing.  i highly recommend it.

then off to,

starbucks {i know, not too original, but we were short on time} for a venti white mocha, venti hot refresh tea, hot panini sandwich and crispy treat –

. $ 1 6 .

then our final stop & cheapest part of our date,

or so i t h o u g h t !

just kidding.

although it did cross my mind that it could end up being the most expensive date i’ve been on.  we have friends who {not so long ago} went out for ice cream and came home with a new vehicle.  funny.

instead, we just shopped around and checked out the inventory. we’ve been talking about buying a truck for yoder and it was nice to browse without our brood in tow.

although this girl enjoys being wined and dined every now and then, our little date was perfect.  some lighthearted fun was just what we needed to put life into perspective.

howbout you….  planning any cheap dates!?

{ w o u l d   l o v e   t o   h e a r   y o u r   i d e a s }

xo . rae

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  • Jen D. May 24, 2011 at 2:10 am

    I came across your blog from Jones Design Company and I am so glad that I did. With three little ones cheap dates are difficult to come by. The babysitter often is more expensive than the actual date. We have gone out for coffee and then a walk or we’ve gone out for dinner and then window shopped at Mill Creek Town Center (which Central Market is there and is definitely one of our loves). Before we started attending a church plant we used to joke every Sunday morning was a nice two hour date with free child care. I think test driving new cars would be a wonderful, inexpensive date that is if my hubby was not a total car freak. In my case it would end up in a fight or very expensive. My husband would get a new car every six months if he could. Thanks for the ideas. We also enjoy dates at home where we eat after the kids are in bed, watch a movie, play a game, read together or something. The best inexpensive dates we have been on since having three children was when we attended the marriage course at a local church. The cost was $95 and we were given seven all inclusive dates (a gourmet dinner at a private table for just the two us, childcare and dinner for our three children, valuable marriage material and time to talk with each other about more than just the necessities and our children. I highly recommend it. My husband asked me recently if I thought that we could repeat the course. I am not sure, but I told him I would look into it. If you have a chance The Marriage Course is a wonderful, Christian based class that gives you and your spouse a chance to have seven, inexpensive, private dates.