custom heart pillow template (DIY)

after the  “living with kids” interview posted on design mom, we received several tutorial requests  for the heart pillow pictured below.

today we are excited to share it with you in our normal DIY fashion, but also listed the cute pillow cover in our etsy shop!

HEAD HERE for the woodgrain fabric

HERE to download the template

(pillow tutorial below)

———- or ———>

(we are only listing a few for a limited time)


2 different fabrics, scissors, ruler, tape measure, pins, pillow form, and template

measure the height and width of your pillow and cut a piece of fabric the same size.  this will make your pillow cover snug.

for the envelope close on the back, you will cut 2 pieces of fabric the width of the pillow form by ½ the height of the pillow form… plus 3 ½ inches.

(our pillow form is 16″ so we cut 1 – 16×16 inch square and 2 – 16×11.5 inch rectangles.)

use the template and applique video tutorial to create your heart and monogram on the front of your pillow cover.

head HERE for our video applique tutorial

a couple notes regarding the video….

1. not sure how to do a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine?  don’t seat it.  just use a straight stitch.  the finish won’t be as clean, but it adds some charm.

2.  don’t have an iron on applique interfacing stuff???  again, no biggie.  try using glue stick on the back of your fabric!

on each of the back pieces, hem one of the 16 inch sides by turning back ¼ inch and pressing, then turning ¼ inch back again and pressing.  sew hems in place.  you will have two pieces 16 by about 11 inches.

lay the front of your pillow cover face up in front of you.  lay each half of the envelope close face down with the hemmed edges overlapping.  the outer edges should match up.  pin and sew all the way around using a ¼ inch seam backstitching at the beginning and end.  turn your pillow cover right side out through the envelope opening and fit over your pillow form.

this is one of my favorite home dec accessories in our home.

would LOVE to hear what your FAVE accessory is around the house?  let us know in the comments below…

xo . rae + jane

ps – if you would like to see  sewing tutorials on video, head to our threads page!

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  • Karie October 25, 2012 at 7:26 am

    I just love this pillow and have admired it from a far for awhile…thanks for giving the toot on it! And just so you know how special you guys are, I am making the trick or treat bags with my youngest daughter’s brownie troop next week! Booya! 🙂 Love you guys and keep up the inspirations! kc