EATS : anatomy of a yummy salad

i have a confession – i could eat nothing but salad all day, every day in the summer and be happy. actually, i take that back, i would need to eat ice cream too, but other than ice cream salad to me is the perfect summer treat. there is something about mixing all of the season’s best into a single chopped up meal that makes it feel like a farmer’s market in a bowl.


now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about four pieces of lettuce and some shaved carrots, (which is more of a meal for a bunny rabbit on a diet than a family of six!) i’m talking about putting together delicious crisp, cool ingredients, and then adding enough toppings to make the salad eater feel full, happy, and satisfied.

today i thought i would share some inspiration and put together a list of  tasty  ingredients to throw into your next salad – as well as our ultimate cobb salad recipe from the monthly spread (below).



ditch the ice berg and try something different such as a spring mix, arugula, kale, spinach, or red leaf lettuce – and instead of tearing off bigger pieces try chopping your lettuce.  For whatever reason my kids enjoy salads way more when they are chopped.

salad-post-add-crunchsimple toppings such as seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, pomegranate…), nuts (hazelnut, pine nuts, almonds….), crisp veggies (radishes, cabbage, sprouts….) go a long way!

salad-post-graphics-textureadd some yummy ingredients such as avocado, apple, berries, edamame, grapefruit or sliced hardboiled eggs to add texture to each bite.

salad-post-graphics-flavortry tossing your salad with chopped mint, red onion, scallions, lemon juice, salsa, blue or feta cheese, or balsamic vinegar.

don’t be afraid to mix it up (a little pun there) and have some fun! for other fantastic recipes and resources check out the monthly spread. there you will get more ideas on how easy it is to have a full pantry stocked with ingredients to make mealtime fun and easy – even with a busy family.


do you have any tips for making a tasty salad? or maybe a favorite topping!?

xo . rae

(image by stacy jacobsen)

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