double take (the smib.)

t h e   s m i b .   has been out of stock for a while, but is back in full effect.

i’m <3ing the new patterns so much i keep staring at them.

armommy-the-smib-winston-dot-2or maybe it’s the model (our NO. 4, griffey)?

i hope he is never too big to wear the smib.  partly because he’s my babe, mostly because he is (by far) the messiest eater in the history of our fam.  train wreck for sure.


get the down-low on our much loved smib, (HERE).


and i couldn’t resist but share a smib pic from back in the day (5 years ago!?) of our NO. 2, espen.

see the resemblance!?



xo . rae

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