blast from the past (truth or dare?)

When you see the words, “truth or dare?”  What do you think of?…

…  One of the funnest games from your childhood and the best thing to ever happen to slumber parties!?

Me too.

So when my childhood friend, Meg, suggested the idea (so fitting) of doing a Truth or Dare series on our blog, we fell in love and decided to go for it.

While we won’t be daring you to moon someone (although that would be hilarious), we do think it will be a fantastic way to get to know each other and laugh a little too.

Ready for the first one?

This is where Wednesday’s Homemade Pancake Mix might come in handy, but as you can see, cereal counts too.

Have fun spoiling your Mr., let us know how it goes and be ready for a  t r u t h  next week…  we’ve got a good one!

Have any awesome truth or dare suggestions or stories?  Please share (in the comments) below…

Happy Friday!

xo . rae (+ jane)

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  • Hana September 21, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Love it!! What a fun idea… will definitely find time to make the hubby breakfast in bed sometime this week. Can’t wait for truth next week.
    H xo