oh, the madness.

march madness, that is.  it’s sorta a national holiday around our home… we look forward to it every year.


it all started when one march day, a cute boy (finally) asked me out on a lunch date to watch our school basketball team contend for a spot in the tournament.  we split a sandwich and fries while we hooted and hollered at a college bar.

he was quite the flirt, so i spent most of the time wondering if he was just being nice or if he actually liked me.


then he asked me to fill out a bracket, and i knew.  he’s got the hots for me.  ozzie filled out a bracket that year too, and we’ve been doing it ever since.  our first family tradition.


griffey is all over it this year.




pretty sure grandma drained this one.

to be fair, i grew up on march madness and played countless hours of pig and such with my dad growing up.  Father of the Bride, style (remember that movie?) only more trash talk.


and despite my years of experience and “in your face” expression, i’m positive that i missed this one.  i’m good at that.

march-madness-with-armommy-6SO, the entire reason for this post is a little reminder (if you typically participate) and invitation to join the madness with us this year.

the tourney starts on thursday, so fill out your brackets ASAP (wednesday night at the latest).

here is a link to download and print a bracket to fill out.


do it online HERE or HERE.

it’s so much fun a) filling out the brackets and b) keeping track of who is ahead.  it rarely has anything to do with sports knowledge so feel free to pick the mascot or school colors you like best. (hehe)

and the best part of doing it online is picking a name….  like, mamawinsalot or mrsbracetology or whosyourmama.  not that i’ve used any of those, ehem.

as always we would love to hear your questions or thoughts in the comments below!

{ pictures:   s t a c y   j a c o b s e n }

<3 . rae

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  • drelli March 19, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    love this tradition! March Madness is competitive around here, too! My pick is Georgetown!

  • Karie March 20, 2013 at 11:40 am

    ok, I have so much to say bout this post that I love…but gamma rocks and is a total baller and my bracket is almost filled out … and the pics are so so cutes patoots

    • rae March 21, 2013 at 7:56 am

      can you believe those hops!? LOL! thanks karie! xo