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#ootd soccer mom | WEAR

i have been waiting my entire adulthood for two things 1) to watch my kids (and their friends) play sports and 2) for an updated version of the hammer pant (please tell me i’m not alone!). This weekend it seemed, all … Continue reading

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5 THINGS (from my makeup bag)

so, i really like to snoop.  not in an, i’m invading your privacy to get some dirt sort of way, but in an, i’m curious about what your favorite things are sort of way. one of the best places to … Continue reading

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woop it heart day style.

i had every intention of posting a fun heart day toot for you today.  but a ski injury, a few skipped nap times & a 100 “momma (fill in the blanks)” later and let’s just say i’m behind. it’s all … Continue reading

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mama bux (diwy)

ever plan a coffee outing with friends, hoping for a few peaceful moments out of the house, a smidgen of adult conversation, and a yummy drink only to find yourself wrangling kids, wiping up spills and apologizing to fellow patrons, … Continue reading

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adventures in dress(ing).

a few years back i recall making a statement to my friend emily that went something like this… “i almost never buy dresses because you can’t mix and match them…  you are just stuck with the same outfit that looks … Continue reading

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