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set the table tray (a printable)

after our “you tray me” post from yesterday, it seemed only appropriate to create a small table setting printable to use with a set the table tray….  good idea!? click the image to download! { H A P P Y … Continue reading

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you tray me.

i thoroughly enjoy the noise and business that comes with being a family of 6.  however, there is a fine line between business and complete chaos.  for me, there is also a fine line between going with the flow and … Continue reading

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a little cozy goes a long way (and a hand warmer DIY)

i’m not a super mom.  in fact, i’m pretty sure it’s an oxymoron or the opposite of a double negative, or something that cancels itself out.  most days i’m just doing what has to be done, making sure my babes … Continue reading

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woop it heart day style.

i had every intention of posting a fun heart day toot for you today.  but a ski injury, a few skipped nap times & a 100 “momma (fill in the blanks)” later and let’s just say i’m behind. it’s all … Continue reading

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mama bux (diwy)

ever plan a coffee outing with friends, hoping for a few peaceful moments out of the house, a smidgen of adult conversation, and a yummy drink only to find yourself wrangling kids, wiping up spills and apologizing to fellow patrons, … Continue reading

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