a new adventure (& a free download)

you might have noticed that things have been a little spars around here… and there is a really good reason for it.

towards the end of summer, my mom and i started discussing the future of armommy – a  little business idea that had grown into several products, a fun blog, and lots of exciting projects that we started and grew together. but it had become apparent that our hearts and focus had changed a bit over the last year and it was clear that God was bringing us opportunities outside of armommy.

so, a couple months ago we both started pursuing these opportunities…

my mom in one direction working with people and groups and doing work that undoubtedly will end in writing a book, (no pressure mom!)… i will be sure to keep you updated. and myself in another where i will be focusing on graphic design projects and blogging (among other things).


to celebrate the blessing that it has been working with my mom (she’s the best) as well as our new adventures, we’re giving you our USA map poster as a free download.

all you have to do is follow me over to my new site, raeannkelly.com and sign up for emails.

advent-calendar-rae-ann-kelly-7you’ll also see a download link and tutorial for this cute advent calendar.

thanks to everyone who has supported us & armommy! we’ve loved every minute of it and look forward to many more adventures!

feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments below….


rae + jane

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M’m! M’m! Good!

we all have those days, you know, the ones that start with a jump (after hitting snooze a few too many times) and frantically fly by with a million errands, car pool duties, kid wrangling, forgotten homework, never ending emails, meetings, and soccer practice. All of a sudden it’s dinnertime. These sweet (hungry) faces are looking at you with expectation knowing you’ll make something delicious.  You’ve just discovered your coffee in the microwave that you were warming up 8 hours ago, and the grocery store wasn’t one of the places you made it to that afternoon. Ugh.


enter campbells’ skillet sauces (hooray!). campbells has always been a household brand with a reliable (and nostalgic) product and the skillet sauces are no different. a couple weeks ago while getting organized for a busy few days (3 bdays and halloween all in 5 days!) i loaded up on some flavors, including one from their new slow-cooker selection.   they made dinnertime effortless and delish – just boil noodles, start the rice maker and cook the meat. clean up is a cinch too and my cutie pie kids (and husband!) give dinner two thumbs up.

campbells-2these sauces take the stress out of making a hearty meal on the fly; i’ve already grabbed a couple extra to have on hand for those busy days. there is a great lineup of skillet and slow cooker flavors to choose from and for an added bonus there’s a $1 off coupon on their site (click on link below and then click the menu items along the top). Phew, with dinner done it’s time to heat that coffee back up and relax.

This post brought to you by Campbell’s Dinner Sauces. Weekend-worthy dinners with only weekday-level effort needed! Learn more at

side note, i was surpised at how many of my friends already had these sauces in their pantry… have you tried them!?

xo . rae

Disclosure: I received samples and compensation  for the purpose of this post however all thoughts are 100% my own.

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halloween ink.

oh, my! it’s been a little cray-cray on the armommy home-front… lots of cool changes (hint, hint) going on that i can’t share yet (so mean, i know) but we have a couple fun posts for you this week that i’m excited to share. starting with these free printable halloween tattoos!


did you know they make tattoo paper? and it works on a regular ink jet printer!? i bought a pack on a whim and was a little skeptical, but they turned out super cute and easy to use – just like the store-bought kind.


there’s just enough time to order the paper (or ask your local craft store) before the trick or treating begins. then download the template by clicking the image above and follow the directions on the tattoo paper packaging.

i’m always on the hunt for non-sugary goodies to handout for holidays and birthdays and i think this will be my new go-to.

what do you guys do to help curb the sugar intake around halloween!? i need all the help/ideas i can get!!!!

xo . rae

ps – the “mwahaha!” tat is meant to be used on knuckles – one letter on each, not including thumbs. kinda gangsta, but fun!

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(EAT) personal baked pasta

if you appreciate a good dinner idea that everyone will love, then you’re in for a treat today! my kids call this their favorite and i call it genius. mostly because it’s as easy (if not more so) than throwing together spaghetti and red sauce, but the presentation is so fun and lovely that you’ll rake in the mom-points.

make it extra personalized by getting out all the fixings and letting the fam build their own baked pasta dish – just like a pizza night.


here’s how-to:

preheat oven to 375 degrees. add cooked and drained pasta or gnocchi (pictured) to oven safe ramekins.

side note, my kids go crazy for pinocchio – as they call it. if you haven’t tried it before they cook just like ravioli and can be found in the pasta section at the store. Or if you are looking for a fun & simple (although time consuming and messy) cooking activity with the kids there are lots of homemade gnocchi recipes out there to try.


add a generous amount of your favorite pasta sauce (red, white, vodka sauce, pesto, etc.).


add any other topping you have handy such as basil (pictured), ricotta, roasted veggies, grilled chicken, black olives… then top with a handful of mozzarella cheese and a sprinkle of parmesan or romano (if you have it).


bake for about 20 minutes, until heated through and cheese is bubbling. let cool slightly and serve!

gnocchi-recipe-5meals that include baking time are a fave because it not only gives the house a warm and cozy feeling, but it also gives me a chance to tidy up my (most likely) messy kitchen, help the kids with homework & setting the table, or just catch my breath (and a glass of wine).

what do you think? do you have any tricks or recipes that make for a laid-back dinnertime!?

xo . rae

{images by stacy jacobsen}

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craft tray No. 3, pom poms | KIDS

last week we stocked the kids’ craft tray with supplies to make some good old-fashioned pom-poms.  they’ve been keeping their busy hands, well busy, only a good kind of busy not a bugging my brother or coloring on the walls kind of busy.


it’s been a good craft to have on hand and (bonus) doesn’t require many supplies or make too much of a mess. just a little fuzz. here’s what you’ll need…


YARN in different colors (it can get pretty spendy, but since your not knitting a sweater, look for the less expensive brands. the ones pictured above were between $3-$4 each.)

POM-POM MAKERS (follow the instructions below to make your own or these work really well and were available at our local craft store too.)

small pair of SCISSORS (your kid safe ones might be perfect!)



1. if you purchase the pom-pom makers, follow the directions on the package to make the poms. if you are making your own draw 2-3 inch circles on a piece of cardboard (the thickness of a cereal box) and cut it out. then draw a 1 inch circle in the center of each cardboard circle and cut them out so you have templates that look like doughnuts.


2. stack circles on top of each other and begin winding yarn through the centers and around until they are completely full and covered. cut a long piece of yarn (about 8 inches) and set aside.

3. cut the yarn in the middle around the outside of the circles, making sure to hold the cardboard firmly together. grab the long piece of yarn you cut earlier and thread it between the two cardboard circles. pull tightly and make a double knot.

4. carefully pull the cardboard from the pom-pom, trim any long pieces of yarn and your done!


i was hoping to have a plethora of poms to choose from to make a fall garland, but the kids seem to find a use for them as fast as they make them. not that i can blame them… they are pretty cute.

don’t you think?

here’s tray no. 1 and no. 2 if you want to go take a peek!

xo . rae

{images by stacy jacobsen}

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