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If you have stopped by our site or facebook page lately, you have probably seen us talking about our first collection of video sewing classes called, threads.  You may also gathered that I am beyond thrilled and (dare I say it) more excited about this product then anything else we’ve offered.  But instead of telling you all about the product (you can visit here to do that), I thought I would share my love for sewing and the reason we put threads together.

B e l o w   a r e   m y   T O P   1 0   r e a s o n s   t o   s e w :

1.  Doing something my mom, grandma and great grandma have done and (Tilly willing) passing it down.

2.  Making something you can’t buy….  the right size & color.

3.  Stacks of cute fabric.

4.  Gifting handmade goodies or making some for my home and family.  (pictured: a cradle we found at an antique store in Snohomish, WA, handmade bedding & baby doll)

5.  Turning something boring and warn out into something cute and trendy.  upcycle, yo!

6.  Being able to hem and tailor something I have purchased. (pictured:  long IKEA curtains hemmed with pom-pom trim)

7.  My kids thinking i can make or fix anything.  actually they usually bypass me and go straight to grandma.  it’s cute.

8.  Having creative freedom & learning a skill I can grow in.

9.  Seeing something in the store and recreating it for less money. (pictured: H&M tank with embellishments inspired by this crewcuts dress)

10.  Putting a project together that may have imperfections but is nonetheless beautiful.  Like life.

What are your reasons for sewing or wanting to learn to sew?  Or, what keeps you from doing so?  We would like to know!

If you are lovin’ any of these reasons, check out our threads page here.

xo . rae + jane

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  • Raechel Myers April 18, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    Loved this! A great list and lovely images.