insta dump (and then some)

have you heard…?  it’s monday (ugh).

but it’s also october (yay)!

happy monday + october!  here’s what we’ve been up to….

1) griff is stuck in the middle between infancy and toddlerhood.  as you can see by the blurry pic, he hardly ever sits still.  in addition, he isn’t happy being held or put down, isn’t exactly anxious to walk, and thinks he should be able to crawl down city sidewalks instead of riding in the stroller.  it’s fun and exhausting, but mostly fun.

2)  espen in a horse costume my mom and i worked on for  you can see the rest of our creations and read tutorials HERE.

3 & 5) this week ARMOMMY is moving into a little design studio in Auburn.  it’s part of a city wide program to bring business to empty storefronts.  super innovative and only temporary, but we are thrilled to be a part of the project and community (more details to come!).

4) did you download your “happy fall” banner?

6) spent some time at stacy’s taking pics for future style idea posts.

7) the Mr. & i hired a babysitter for a few hours last week and headed to starbucks for a work date (me – ARMOMMY, him – paperwork).  it was a lovely 3 hours and much needed time to catch up and get organized.

8) tilly jane got a hand-me-down pair of clogs. not exactly sure why i think that is buzz worthy except that they look so stinkin’ cute on her!

last week we also finished adding a few new options to the top menu of our web site.  So if you’ve had to search all over the blog for a particular printable, DIY, or recipe, the search is over…  just use the links!

click the above image to give it a try, and let us know if we missed anything.

have any requests for blog posts this month?  let us know in the comments below….!

now off to the pumpkin patch with the fam bam (hopefully).

xo . rae

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