hello, sunshine.

The sun has finally come out to play, for more than a day or two, in the pacific northwest and we’ve been doing our best to indulge before summer comes to an end (sigh).

However, things have also been busy on the ARMOMMY front and finding a “balance” has been tricky.  I spent a couple days completely overwhelmed and annoyed….  ever use sarcastic comments and eye rolling to make a point?  That was me.  Not pretty.  Not proud of it.  But I came to my senses, said sorry, went for a run, came to Jesus, danced with the kids and Mr. Friis, so now it’s all good in the hood again.  Thank goodness!

What do you do to get back in “balance“?

Here’s a few more (lighthearted) things we’ve been up to the last couple weeks:

1.  Our home became a set when the cameras showed up to shoot our Everyday DIY series for mom.me.  loads of fun.  lots of crazy.

2.  Once the cameras stopped rolling, Mr. Friis and I threw the kids in the car (not literally), stopped by Fred Meyer, and headed to the  closest lakeside park.  We then enjoyed the most ghetto fabulous picnic dinner ever.  No blanket or main dish.  Just snacks, ice cream, & each other.  Perfect.

3. The following week, Mr. worked a lot so the kids and I spent a few lazy days at a couple different lakes.  Our favorite day was spent at the quiet lake my parents live on.  Motor toys are not allowed & there is a swim dock with a diving board that I could watch Ozzie jump off all day.  Pretty heavenly and nice to have Gamma Jane with us.

4. The fam bam balling melons so we had a ready made snack to pick at.  This fruit salad was an idea from August’s monthly spread.

5.  That’s my baby (Ozzie, 11) in football pads.  It’s nice to hang up the baseball cleats and start a new sports season, but hard to get used to the tackling.  Flag football, anyone?

Before I sign off, just a(nother) quick plug for our DIY series with mom.me.  The first couple videos will be on back to school & includes free goodies so be sure to check it out and email to friends that are sending kids to school…

Here is the link to the first video that includes a countdown banner and lunch box note cards for back to school!

Enjoy, friends!!!

Oh, and don’t forget to let us know how you get back in balance when life get’s crazy busy…

xo . rae

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  • meghan August 14, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    Balance?! What is that? 🙂 JK. I think for me, it’s working out. Getting out with a friend with no kiddos. And definitly listening to some good ol praise music. That gets me encouraged everytime!!!