good stuff (+ a sale)

there are two things  i (personally) can’t have too much of…  1. an amazing sale.  2. cute tags on hand to dress up a gift.

to show YOU some LOVE and celebrate a few ARMOMMY updates, we’ve fit both of those goodies into this post.

first, the sale:

we’re moving back to our roots….  etsy!  while we get busy adding products and setting things up we want to give you the opportunity to get a great deal on smibs and snack bags.  stock up for your home & kids, the holidays, birthdays, showers, etc.  click HERE or the image above to start shopping (please excuse the double product listing…. minor glitch that, despite several hours and my head exploding, i couldn’t fix. ugh.)

now for some cute tags.

click the image above to download.  i had a great time designing them and hope you enjoy!

before you go anywhere, can you think of anything else you can’t get enough of!?

let us know in the comments…

xo . rae

ps – have you checked out the “DIY”, “PRINTABLES”, & “RECIPE” links along the top of the site?

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  • Birgit March 18, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    Thanks for this cute freebie!

    I can’t get enough of minimalistic journal cards for PL 🙂

    • rae March 19, 2013 at 6:53 am

      birgit, what is PL? probably a silly question! thanks for saying, “hello”. love your name. xo