we {as in mostly my mom and her neighbor} have been working to refinish and reupholster this children’s chair that was donated to us by a different neighbor.

{minus the dust and the old fabric it’s pretty fantastic.}

for the NW furniture bank’s annual fundraiser, the:

the event is march 8th.  if you are in the area & have $ to spend on tickets, you should come!  would love to see you there!

we’re hoping to put something together that is gender & decor neutral {with an added boyish & girlish detailed pillow….  that’s my job.}.   that way our bidders won’t be deterred because the chair doesn’t “match” their child’s bedroom or playroom.  after all, the more bidders, the more the organization makes and the more we can say we did our job.

anywho, here is our inspiration board:

love it?

our chair {after taking the dust ruffle off of it} looks almost identical to the chair in our inspiration board that i found at serena & lily .

we already have some natural linen {donated from a designer friend of ours} to cover it in, so the rest of the details and fabric will have to find a place in the pillows and piping of the chair.

i’m super excited to be involved in such a great event and organization and can’t help but be reminded of the years i spent as a single mom, college student and worker of many part time jobs.  even now we have more then enough digs in our home, but back then it was either eat on the floor or say “yes, please!” to the table and chairs from aunt meg & uncle bob.  i relied heavily on furniture donations from friends and family {or ozzie’s crib that came from my friend’s, mom’s, friend} and i consider myself very fortunate to have received so much from people that i loved or people who knew people that i loved.  what would i have done otherwise!?  probably be thanking God for places like NW furniture bank & the people that keep them running.

SO, during and at the end of this process, we pray that God would bless our work, that the funds raised would be multiplied and that it would strengthen & encourage the people that run the organization as well as the people who receive the furniture.  above all, we ask that God’s work and provision would be seen through all of it.  thank you jesus!

we’ll let you know what the finished product looks like & how the event goes.

now, i just need to decide what i’m going to wear….  something that matches these shoes perhaps?  these are also pretty amazing if you don’t look at the price tag or the state of the heel.  or how about these edgy peep toe “boots”?  not sure how i feel about them, but love the ruching.

happy monday love bugs….  hope it’s a good one!

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